How to Donate

Before hitting the "Donate Here" red bar below, please read through these instructions that you will need once you are on the donation page. 

Citizens of the United States of America

Follow these steps to receive a US tax deductible receipt and ensure your donation finds it way to the Mazatlán Children's Home

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Important! Before making your donation, change the following field to Mexico like so
  3. Input your contact info and select  ✅ It´s ok to contact me in the future.
    This is needed so we can confirm your donations make it to the home.
  4. Important! You must leave a comment stating "Mazatlán Children´s Home" for the donation to be received by the home. If your donation is for specified need, please itemize it here as well.  
  5. To make the Captains aware of your donation, please send a copy of your Salvation Army receipt to If you want to be notified by them when they receive your donation, please indicate this in your emaill as well. Be aware, that transfers to Mexico only happen once a month.
The Salvation Army Mexico requests that any single donation not exceed $150,000 Mexican pesos.  If the amount you are donating exceeds this amount in pesos,  please work directly with the home to send it in separate transfers.


Citizens outside of the USA or Mexico.

At present, The Salvation Army is unable to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations from individuals outside the USA and Mexico. However, if tax deduction isn't your primary concern, we sincerely welcome your support and you can follow the donation directions listed above.
We are diligently exploring solutions to extend this benefit to donors in Canada and hope to provide tax-deductible receipts in the near future. Your understanding and patience are invaluable to us.

For those considering contributing via wire transfer, please find the details below.

Citizens of Mexico

Read these steps to before navigating to the donation page in step 1.
  1. Navigate to:
  2. Important!  Before making your donation, change the following field to  Mexico  like below.
  3. Enter the donation amount in British Pounds – it will be received in Mexico in pesos.         
  4. Fill in your information and where it asks for your telephone and email address, please select Yes.  This will allow the home to see who gave and keep in touch.                                                           Yes, I would like to receive notices and updates from the Salvation Army.
  5. To make the home aware of your donation and verify receipt of your donation at the Children's Home in Mazatlán, please send a copy of your Salvation Army receipt to and they will respond in email when the money is received. 

Wire Transfers from any country  

A wire transfer is another option but please note, it will not be tax deductible for anyone outside of Mexico. Bank information to do a transfer can be found at the bottom of this page. Two recommended options for wire transfer are...

Using to transfer funds internationally or within Mexico

This way of transferring funds is typically much cheaper than a bank wire. It offers great exchange rates if exchanging dollars for pesos and much reduced fees versus a bank.  There are many methods, credit card, debit card, as well as using your local bank account.

Enter in your personal/business information about where the funds are coming from. 
You’ll need your Bank ACH #(Automatic Clearing House Number) This number could be the same as your ABA routing number (first nine digits before your account number on your checks) but you need to verify this with your bank. If using credit or debit card, you will need that information.

Follow the directions on based on method of payment: credit card, debit card, or bank account.

Using a Bank to transfer internationally or within Mexico

Every bank has different information requirements so follow their guidelines for wire transfer. We know from experience that transfer fees can be as much as $75 USD per transfer. If wiring internationally, exchange rates used between US dollars and Mexican pesos could also be unfavorable.

Email address:

Inform us of the wire transfer so that the Captains of The Salvation Army Children’s home can confirm receipt.

Information needed for Wire Transfers

Salvation Army Children’s Home in Mazatlán, Mexico 

Personal Information




Calle Angel Flores s/n. Colonia El Venadillo
Mazatlán, Sinaloa  Zip Code:  82129 



Federal Taxpayer ID (RFC): 


Bank Information

Bank Name

Scotia Bank

Branch Number


Branch Address

Mexico City, MX

Bank Account Number


ABA Routing Number


Clabe Number


Swift Code


Keep in Touch

Even if you can't donate, we ask for your prayers. We need God's wisdom as we seek to build His kingdom in these students and God' provision for this home. We would love to keep in touch with you and share what God is doing in this home subscribe to our newsletters below.  Thanks!